You might be surprised to learn that it is with much difficulty that I pen this endorsement because, quite simply, there exist an infinite quantity of marvelous proclamations to be made about the outstanding, esteemed Dr. Beheshti. She is a remarkable practitioner with whom I have known and worked for the past decade. Meeting this brilliant, compassionate, tremendously experienced psychiatrist has not only been one of my greatest fortunes, it has also evolved into one of the most impactful, positively life-affecting relationships of my life. Dr. Beheshti approaches real life issues with real life solutions. Her always unpretentious, never judgmental, perpetually positive style of treatment affords her clients the opportunity to delve to the core of any matter with which they’re dealing, proactively and effectively address it, and move forward. There are many qualities that distinguish Dr. Beheshti as unique and wonderfully different from her peers, including the innovative, individualized techniques she uses to engage each client through their own specific looking glass — that lens through which a person sees themself and the world around them — instead of requiring them to look through hers. Words fail to adequately express the relief that comes upon knowing that another person sees and feels things as you do. Dr. Beheshti’s rare willingness to see the world from her client’s mindset, not to mention her capacity for doing just that, is something which I consider to be one of the most beneficial, effectual outcomes of working with Dr. Beheshti. Her gentle and subtle, yet candid and enthusiastic way of adopting each client’s individual perspective allows her to quickly identify that which exists beyond the surface; a barrier most mental health practitioners fail to breach even after years of interaction with their clients. Her skill is further enhanced by the vast repertoire of tools, tools for dealing with any situation with which life presents a person, that she has developed and honed across years of practice in multiple, varied clinical settings; a toolset that Dr. Beheshti works diligently to assure quickly becomes the client’s own so that outside of her care, the client is functionally equipped to confront and deal with triggering situations. Finally, the reader might be wondering why, when attesting to the accomplishments of a psychiatrist, the word “patient” is nowhere to be found. Its absenteeism is thoughtfully intentional and a reflection of the fact that I have not once felt like Dr. Beheshti’s patient. Instead, I have always felt I am her friend, a member of her family, and someone not only very cared for, but also gratefully in the care of an extraordinary doctor.

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