OC Teen Center is an Upscale, Doctor-Owned IOP in Costa Mesa.

The OC Teen Center Difference

Small groups run by doctors. At OC Teen Center, group therapy sessions have 5 kids or fewer. This small, intimate setting means that every child gets far more attention here than at other centers. Over 80% of our groups are run by a doctor (Sayeh Beheshti, MD or Lauren Armstrong, PsyD). Dr. Armstrong does all of our family therapy sessions and individual sessions. Dr. Beheshti does all management of psychiatric medications. Our doctors know every child and every parent personally.

The “doctor-owned” difference. OC Teen Center is owned by a medical doctor, a highly trained psychiatrist. Come and experience the “doctor-owned” difference. You’ll have doctor access every day you’re here.

Our luxurious office includes over 5000 square feet of fun stuff for kids, therapy offices, group rooms, and a private lounge for parents. Our parents’ lounge has leather couches, wifi, movies, a computer, and a printer. Relax at OC Teen Center while your child experiences a therapeutic breakthrough.

Pickup and drop-off service is available for an additional fee. We will safely transport your child to our office every day after school and bring them home after. Ask about pickup service when you call OC Teen Center to start treatment.

We get great results! At OC Teen Center, we treat patients with moderate to severe mental illness. Even if your child is coming off a psychiatric hospitalization, an eating disorder, or a suicide attempt, please call us first. We are not afraid of acute cases, and we can get your child healthy again without you having to ship them out of town to a residential place. OC Teen Center turns the tide on mental illness, and our doctors have years of experience helping the people who were deemed “a hopeless case” by others.

About the OC Teen Center

The OC Teen Center is owned and operated by Dr. Sayeh Beheshti. Dr. Beheshti has many years of experience specializing in treating a wide range of behavioral and developmental disorders commonly seen in teenagers.

At OC Teen Center, we focus on creating a safe, nurturing space to help adolescents and their families. Our center specializes in providing teens with a range of mental health services in a way that is minimally disruptive to their daily lives.

We are committed to empowering teens to live full, happy lives by treating all underlying mental health issues. We treat young adolescents between the ages of 12-19 struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem and body image disorders, and a range of other mental health and developmental disorders.

Our goal is to enhance the everyday lives of teens and their families through our quality clinical care and comprehensive range of services, all in a welcoming, family-like environment.

Our Team

We are committed to helping your teen

With many years of combined experience working with adolescents and families, our team of highly skilled, compassionate clinicians is here to help. Learn more about each of the OC Teen Center team members.