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Eating Disorder Treatment Orange County

Types of Eating Disorders

At OC Teen Center, we address various eating disorders, each presenting unique challenges for our teens. Anorexia Nervosa is characterized by an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted body image, leading to severe food restriction. Bulimia Nervosa, involves periods of binge eating followed by purging, through vomiting or excessive exercise, to prevent weight gain. Lastly, Binge Eating Disorder is marked by episodes of eating large amounts of food without subsequent purging behaviors, often resulting in feelings of shame or distress.

Treatment Options

Our treatment modalities are diverse to cater to the individual needs of each teen. Inpatient Programs provide a structured environment for severe cases, offering around-the-clock care. Outpatient Programs, on the other hand, allow teens to maintain their daily routines, attending treatment sessions at scheduled times. Therapy forms the backbone of our treatment approach, encompassing individual, group, and family sessions to address the psychological aspects of eating disorders. Nutritional Counseling and Medication Management are also integral, ensuring a comprehensive recovery plan.

Benefits of Seeking Treatment

Early intervention is crucial for long-term success. By seeking treatment, teens enjoy Improved Physical Health, overcoming malnourishment and restoring their bodies to healthy functioning. The Emotional Support from therapists and peers alike fosters a secure environment for recovery. Through personalized treatment plans, teens learn Recovery Tools and Strategies, empowering them to navigate future challenges. This comprehensive approach lays the foundation for Long-Term Success, encouraging a healthy relationship with food and body image.

Finding Eating Disorder Treatment in Orange County

In Orange County, diverse Facilities and Centers offer specialized treatment programs tailored to the unique challenges of eating disorders. At OC Teen Center, we pride ourselves on our Specialized Treatment Programs that merge medical expertise with compassionate care. Our team of Medical Professionals and Therapists, including Dr. Sayeh Beheshti and Dr. Lauren Armstrong, are dedicated to providing a nurturing recovery environment.

Support and Resources

Recovery is a journey that extends beyond treatment sessions. We encourage the engagement with Support Groups and the utilization of Educational Materials to deepen understanding. Hotlines and Helplines offer immediate assistance, while Online Communities provide a platform for sharing experiences and encouragement.

Insurance Coverage and Financial Considerations

Understanding the burden of medical expenses, we navigate Insurance Providers and Payment Options to alleviate financial stress. Our team is knowledgeable about Financial Assistance Programs, ensuring that treatment is accessible to those in need.

Signs and Symptoms of Eating Disorders

Recognizing the Physical Signs, such as significant weight loss or gain, can be an early indicator of an eating disorder. Behavioral Signs, including obsessive calorie counting or avoidance of meals, and Emotional Signs, such as heightened sensitivity to body image comments, are critical red flags. Timely acknowledgment of these symptoms can prompt early intervention, which is key to effective recovery.

At OC Teen Center, our heart lies in the well-being of each teen that walks through our doors. Our doctor-led team, small group therapy sessions, and personalized care plans are designed to address not just the symptoms but the underlying causes of eating disorders. Together, we create a supportive and understanding environment, empowering our teens to embrace recovery and look forward to a future filled with hope and health.

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