Our Services

Day Program

Our Day Program offers your teen intensive, daily therapy in a range of treatment types in order to help them as effectively as possible. Our Day Program includes individual therapy, family therapy, group counseling, and medication management. In addition to the various type of therapy, your child will continue their schoolwork with the help of our licensed on-site teacher. The program runs five days a week and offers your teen the structure and support they need to develop the skills necessary to live a happy, fulfilling life.

After School Program

Whether your teen is finished with our Day Program or needs to start at a lower level of care, we offer our After School Program. The OC Teen Center’s IOP is three hours per day, four days a week, and takes place from 3:30 to 6:30 pm. Like our Day Program, children will get private therapy, psychiatrist supervision, and group therapy. During the After School Program phase of healing, your child can attend a regular school schedule before coming to our center every afternoon after school. The After School Program at OC Teen Center offers your teen the help they need without compromising on their normal daily routine.

Therapy Program

Our Outpatient Program (OP) is the third phase of treatment after the Day and After School Programs have been completed. OP offers a flexible schedule of 1-2 days per week and allows your teen to stay connected to the primary therapist and psychiatrist that have been with them throughout their time at OC Teen Center.

Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological testing is a highly advanced assessment of how your teen’s brain works. During testing, done by our qualified neuropsychologist, we will determine how your child’s brain chemistry affects their cognitive function. This assessment will measure brain functions, including problem-solving, academic skills, memory, attention, and social-emotional functioning, amongst other cognitive functions. Our highly specialized neuropsychological testing will help us diagnose and ensuingly treat any mental or cognitive disorders.

Therapy and Psychiatric Treatment

Private Therapy

We are here to help teens battling a range of mental health disorders and even those just needing someone to talk to. Even without being enrolled in one of our main programs, your child can see an OC Teen Center therapist. Our therapists are available Monday through Friday, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you, even if only for a few sessions on a limited basis.

Psychiatric Treatment

OC Teen Center is owned and operated by Dr. Sayeh Beheshti, a registered psychiatrist who has many years of experience treating various behavioral and developmental disorders. Psychiatric services at OC Teen Center are limited but available to those who need them.