Teen Treatment Center California

Teen Treatment Center California

Adolescents are in the middle of learning new skills and thought processes that will carry them through adulthood. Sometimes, they are the best at developing these habits because they are easily impressionable by social media and negative peer pressure. Parents must remember that their teen's behavior is not a permanent affliction or mental illness. Yelling or punishing a struggling teen will make things worse and impair their cognitive and emotional abilities.

Common conditions we treat in our teen treatment center in California

Intense emotions

Intense emotions can be anything from rage, aggression, unfounded fear, and loss of control in their life. The prefrontal complex controls impulses and helps process emotions in teens, which is less developed in younger teens. Older teens have a more developed prefrontal complex that stabilizes their brain and makes it easy for them to process intense situations.

Orange County child therapists cannot manipulate the development of the brain, but they can guide the teen to be in alignment with their natural brain functions. You can trust us to help them interpret situations to their advantage, so they feel comfortable navigating the challenging growth phase.


Depression is one of the most challenging mental disorders for young adults. Unfortunately, the young generation Z makes jokes about suicidal thoughts and attempts because it such a common occurrence. Orange County California child therapy helps the teen dissociate from these intrusive thoughts and habits to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Teens who suffer from depression find it difficult to perform daily activities like studying, sleeping, and eating. It is a severe mental issue that affects one's quality of life and compromises their future. We help them manage bouts of intense emotions that last an extended period, so they have a chance at changing their thought patterns.


Can you tell when your teen's stress levels cross over to anxiety? Teens with an anxiety disorder struggle with fear and tension at inopportune times. They cannot form lasting relationships. After all, they do not know how to trust or get ahead as they wish because they need to know every detail before taking a step forward.

Our treatment center in California addresses general anxiety disorders as well as excessive daily worrying. The end game of our child counseling in Orange County CA is to improve their self-esteem and confidence, so they can trust their life path and take all necessary intended actions.

Eating disorder

Teen eating disorders are the reason for some of the worst bullying they will ever endure. In the worst-case scenario, they will face a more significant probability of death and health complications because they lack sufficient or balanced nutrition. Others face a greater risk of substance abuse and complicated emotional and mental states, such as depression and anxiety.

Adolescent therapists in Southern California use science-based researches to deal with eating disorders from the root causes. Our nutritionist will establish the likelihood of the disorder, such as genetics, peer pressure or depression, so they offer a custom treatment plan. The goal of OC Teen Center is to improve one's brain processing abilities, so they are at a better place of making proper physical changes. Contact 800-478-0233 to get your teen pediatric mental health services he/she needs before it's too late.

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Teen Treatment Center California