Finding a Child Psychiatrist in Irvine: Therapeutic Treatments are Critical

Finding a child psychiatrist in Irvine is not easy. The parents of children who suffer from mental illness are often desperate for help, and so they search high and low for the best care possible. But sometimes this means that it can take 6-8 weeks to get an appointment with a child psychiatrist in Irvine! Psychiatrists offer life saving medications and therapeutic treatments that make the difference between success or failure; which is why finding one as soon as possible is so important. This article discusses key things to look for when searching for a child psychiatrist near you, including what questions to ask before you commit.

  • What is the psychiatrist’s approach to treating mental illness in children?
  • How does this psychiatrist handle medication management for childhood psychiatric disorders such as depression, ADHD and anxiety?
  • How long has this person been in practice?
  • What is the psychiatrist’s background? In other words, what medical school did this person graduate from and how long has he or she been practicing psychiatry?
  • How does the psychiatrist handle concerns about a patient’s safety in an emergency situation with medications that have known serious side effects, such as antipsychotics?


At OC Teen Center, we have a psychiatrist available every day at our Costa Mesa location, only about 10 minutes away from Irvine.

We provide psychiatric and psychological evaluation, medication management, therapy for children with ADHD.

OC Teen Center also provides mental health education to parents of school aged students in Orange County. This includes recognizing the signs that your child may be struggling and how to get help.

OC Teen Center’s psychiatrist has over 15 years experience.

If your child has been thinking about suicide, this is a dangerous situation and you should seek treatment immediately.

OC Teen offers mental health services for children and adolescents, including psychiatric evaluation, medication management, etc. We also have licensed therapists every day who can help kids who don’t need medication.

If your child has an eating disorder, remember that we treat this too. Eating disorders in teens are quite dangerous and often require medical intervention. Many facilities refuse to treat eating disorders, as it is quite difficult. We don’t shy away from difficult cases at OC Teen Center.

The best way to find a child psychiatrist near Irvine is by contacting us.

OC Teen Center’s psychiatrists have expertise with anxiety disorders, depression and other mental health conditions that affect children or adolescents. We also provide care for the whole family. We can do a parent coaching session with you. Your child will not be present for this.

We can also provide treatment for ADHD, issues with anxiety and depression that are not responding well to medication.

OC Teen Center is a brand new facility and we give lots of attention and care to every child that walks through our doors. We are open Monday to Friday. We offer a parent’s lounge with coffee, snacks, and free wifi where you can wait while your child is in a psychiatrist appointment.

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