My family and I have been working with Dr. Sayeh Beheshti for the past 10 years. Dr. Beheshti began seeing my youngest daughter as she was struggling with adapting to high school. We were included, with my daughter’s and Dr. Beheshti’s invitation, to work together as a family. We quickly learned that Dr. Beheshti was the rare psychiatrist who combined a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of pharmacology with a deft, sensitive and supportive approach to therapy. When my daughter required a more intensive program, Dr. Beheshti helped us find and select a program that has greatly benefited my daughter.

After I severely injured myself and elected to prematurely retire, I started working with Dr. Beheshti to help me work through the anxiety and depression that followed my somewhat involuntary life change. Again, Dr. Beheshti brought to our therapy her insightful and growth-focused therapeutic approach and a conservative, yet creative, psychiatric drug therapy. Our work together has truly made my transition to my new life an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

As our children have grown up and moved away, I have invited my wife to join my therapy to help us joyfully adjust to being empty-nesters. I cannot conceive of another therapist with whom I would trust my beloved daughter, my unplanned and traumatic life changes, and now my marriage. Dr. Beheshti not only has assisted us all to find happiness in our daily lives, but has challenged us to grow as people and then has given us the tools we need and will use for the rest of our lives no matter what new circumstances we face.

Our family cares deeply for “Dr. B” and we trust in the knowledge that she cares deeply for us. Our lives have been immeasurably changed for the better by this one person, which is the best endorsement I could give anyone (much less our “family’s therapist”).

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