Iop Programs Orange County

Iop Programs Orange County

The age between 12 to 19 is a very crucial time for teenagers. The discovery of new things and the burden to make the right decisions may make them hopeless and depressed. The stress in this time leads to severe mental health disorders and emotional breakdowns.

At OC Teen Center our highly trained specialists interact with your teens with an open mind and a positive attitude. We try to bring solutions to the table that are practical and easily achievable for your young ones. Our IOP programs orange county provide an environment for struggling teens to achieve healthy behaviors and manage their personal interactions optimistically.

So what makes us different from the numerous other available IOP programs offered by Pediatric mental health services in Orange County.

Supportive Staff:

The supportive and highly specialized staff handles each kid with a unique style and the method best suitable for every individual. A researchers estimate 50 to 90% of adolescents have an underlying mental condition as well. Therefore our teen psychologist in Orange County do not treat the symptoms rather they look for the root cause of the problem.

Individualized Program:

We are the only Adolescent psychiatrists in SoCal who strive for solution focused, data-driven, evidence-based, and results-oriented therapy. Since each child has different needs and different conditions we try to formulate a program that will be best suited for their condition. After a thorough assessment and one on one interaction, we made an individual recovery plan best fit for each child. Our goal is to transform teens’ behavior by giving the ideal therapy and support sessions for kids and their families as well.

Parents Involvement and Participation

Our Child psychologists in Orange County California believe that a child feels more hopeful when they are positively supported by their parent and immediate family members. Therefore we consider parental involvement as the crucial component of child's recovery. Our team of therapists, and clinical directors meet the family in the stage of the treatment only to develop a strong relation with the patient's family. We work with the family to schedule therapeutic visits that help teens to also cope with their situation peacefully and the family is also known of the treating methods and obtained results.

Distinctive Approach:

We use a distinctive approach that includes therapies that encourage teens to be expressive of their ideas and thoughts. The mindful exercises relax the kids by releasing them from toxic thinking and negative contemplations. Our highly trained and licensed clinicians guide teens and their families through counseling and group sessions.

Contact the Specialists Today

The Child psychologists in Orange County California make the teens at home in a friendly environment and help them see the light at the end of the tunnel. We bring a unique chance for teens to interact with the people their age and the ones who are also suffering from same conditions and problems.

Our Youth therapy in Southern California is unmatched and well planned to help your child in their difficult times. To speak with Admissions or to ask questions, contact us by phone or email us at


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Iop Programs Orange County
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Iop Programs Orange County