6-8 Weeks for an Initial Evaluation with a Newport Beach Child Psychiatrist?

At OC Teen Center, our psychiatrist is on site every day and she is the owner of our facility. Not many adolescent treatment centers can say they are owned by a psychiatrist, but we can.

What this means for you is that everything is held to a higher standard. We don’t cut corners and we give every child 100% effort.

  • Dr. Beheshti has over 15 years of experience as a psychiatrist, so you know your child will be well taken care of.
  • She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of children with anxiety, depression, anxiety, ADHD and many more – even if they have been diagnosed elsewhere or have a dual diagnosis.
  • At OC Teen Center, we take less than two weeks to get an initial evaluation done, which is much less time than you would have to wait anywhere else.
  • We have a confidential and private environment as well, which is necessary for the kids we treat.
  • We are an outpatient facility, not residential. This lets them get back into their normal routines without being embarrassed or judged by others who don’t understand what they’re going through. And with our small patient to staff ratio of two therapists per eight patients on average, we can deal with any problem that comes up.

If you’re disappointed with the long wait times for a child psychiatrist appointment, please consider giving OC Teen Center a call. We are open M-F until 7pm.

You might be wondering what happens at an initial evaluation. It starts with us first speaking with the parents.

After you talk to us for a while, we’ll ask if it’s okay if we speak with your child directly.

We don’t take any information from the parent without asking first and then letting the patient know what will be shared with them beforehand so they’re not surprised or upset about anything.

Some of the things we might talk about are:

  • How your child is feeling;
  • Their thoughts and feelings on a variety of different topics – school, friends, family life. We’ll also ask if they’re experiencing any problems with anxiety or depression;
  • Questions like how often do you feel angry? How often do you feel like you’re an outcast or different?
  • How they feel about themselves, their body image and appearance;
  • What is your self esteem like? Do you have a lot of confidence in yourself? Or are you worried about something all the time?

We might also talk to them about things that make them sad or upset, such as the death of a loved one, bullying at school or on social media platforms.

The evaluation takes about 90 minutes. Follow up visits are shorter, only about 20 minutes. Your child might benefit from getting group therapy also. This is something you can discuss with Dr. Beheshti. If you’re curious about group therapy, check out some of our other blog posts that discuss this topic.

Our Newport Beach child psychiatrists are here to help, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or an evaluation appointment. Why wait 6-8 weeks when you can get help sooner with OC Teen Center.

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